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The infrastructure software you need today
for your business tomorrow.

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An API-first software platform for brilliantly simple, cradle to grave device management,

rich cloud integration and service orchestration.


We built EdgeIQ so you can focus on innovation, not infrastructure.

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Device Management

Easily onboard, provision, monitor, update, and decommission any device - gateways and connected endpoints - at scale.

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Simplify cloud integration, application, and container management while automating key workflows.

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Users, Accounts, & More

Create and manage users, permissions, multi-tier account hierarchies, geographies, escrow devices, and all the human and supply chain elements of your devices.

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Intelligent Software Update Management

Update Operating Systems, Firmware, Applications,
Configurations, and Integrations

Software management used to be as simple as a periodic firmware update.
A bug fix. A security patch. With EdgeIQ you can target specific devices, customers,
and geographies at specific times of the day.

EdgeIQ is the most intelligent way to manage your devices.

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Not Just Gateway Management

Distributed Computing Has a Long and Complex Value Chain

EdgeIQ runs as a service at the edge and provides rich management and
orchestration of both gateways and connected endpoints without
any software on the endpoint itself.

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Your Cloud - Your Accounts

Bring Your Own Clouds (BYOC)

EdgeIQ makes direct integration between your devices and your
cloud choices as easy as a click of a button.

EdgeIQ provides one-click, zero-touch integration with your cloud services, direct
to your accounts, using the security provided by your providers. We handle all
cross-account synchronization, certificate management, and more.

All of this through our web application or API.

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Why EdgeIQ?

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Infrastructure Software

Focus. Infrastructure software for connected devices is all we do. For more than 8 years, we’ve been building brilliantly simple software tools that allow you to focus on your products and your customers.
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Linux or Windows

Nearly universal support for any Linux distribution or Windows platform. EdgeIQ simply operates as a Linux service or Windows application. No change to your firmware or OS. No SDK to implement.
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API-First Software

EdgeIQ is an API-first software platform. With a few lines of code, you can implement powerful management capabilities into your existing systems.
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Turnkey Web Application

Don’t have an existing management tool? EdgeIQ provides a turnkey, configurable web application for those who need it. Be operational in hours after setup.


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