The Operating Platform
for Connected Products

Device Operations. Data Management. Service Orchestration. 

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Device Operations

Easily onboard, provision, monitor, update, and decommission any device - gateways and connected endpoints - at scale.

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Service Orchestration

Simplify cloud integration, application, and container management while automating key workflows.

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Data Management

Ingest, normalize, analyze, filter, throttle and federate data from any edge device. Policy based workflow automation connects data sources to multiple applications and cloud services.

Focus on Innovation, not Infrastructure

Every hour spent building infrastructure is time not spent on innovation,
integration, applications and analytics.

Software for Connected Devices used to be as simple as a remote firmware update. Today there is a new
technology stack with layers of software at the edge and multiple cloud services to integrate.
That’s even before you get to the customer’s systems.

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Software Management from the OS to Applications

Update Operating Systems, Firmware, Applications, Configurations and Integrations

Connected products are highly intelligent edge devices capable of running rich applications, executing policy
based events and running complex analytics services. EdgeIQ makes application management simple and scalable
across millions of devices deployed anywhere in the world.

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Your Cloud - Your Accounts

Bring Your Own Clouds (BYOC)

With EdgeIQ, we not only focus on the privacy and security of your data but make it very easy to use your
cloud accounts and enterprise applications. We even handle cross-account synchronization and certificate
management between your devices and applications. 

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Why EdgeIQ?

No single company can be an expert at everything. With a new technology stack driving all connected product companies, you need a team, a partner,
that is great at device operations, data and service management software. That partner is EdgeIQ. This is all we do so you can be great at what you do. 

EdgeIQ provides software to enable and accelerate your Digital Transformation

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