EdgeIQ is an API-first distributed software platform that provides the infrastructure to manage and integrate virtually any connected product and its data into business operations, infrastructure and customer ecosystems.
EdgeIQ provides feature-rich, configurable device management, remote monitoring and orchestration software so that your organization can focus on building innovative and engaging products at a lower cost and faster time to market.

API-First Platform

The EdgeIQ platform is designed and built as a set of integrated RESTful API services that can be executed directly at the edge or from the cloud.

Flexible Edge Device Support

EdgeIQ software is optimized to operate in resource constrained systems and supports a wide variety of operating systems including numerous Linux-based distributions and Windows.

Works With Your Firmware and OS

EdgeIQ operates as a parallel management service that works with your underlying OS, firmware and application software.

Configurable to Meet Your Unique Product Requirements

With support for multi-tier account hierarchy and user profiles and wide ranging device types and network configurations, the EdgeIQ Platform can meet your evolving go-to-market requirements. We can support legacy and new devices through the same framework.

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Cloud Service and Enterprise Applications

EdgeIQ makes it easy too manage cross-account administration with your existing enterprise applications and cloud infrastructure, for example AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Salesforce and IBM Watson IoT, among many others.

Completely Brandable User Experience

Our platform provides a completely customizable and multi-tenant, scalable user experience that can be branded for any authorized domain with their unique branding.

Easily Add New Devices

Our platform comes pre-configured to support a variety of standard and proprietary protocols allowing integration with different device types and data formats, for example BACnet, Modbus IP, OPC-UA, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, CSV, and many others.


The EdgeIQ Platform is architected to allow you to deploy its services in virtually any public or private cloud, on-premise or near-premise device. Our Kubernetes-based architecture simplifies deployment and management of the various services that comprise the platforms’s key features.