EdgeIQ Features & Capabilities

Device Management

With EdgeIQ, you can create and manage users, administrators, accounts, establish hierarchies, visibility and control permissions and even customize the web portal.

  • Admin and User Management
    Create administrators and users for your custom application portal. Each user and administrator can be assigned unique roles which allow/limit their privileges within the application.
  • Account and Sub Account Management
    Across all your customer accounts, EdgeIQ enables multiple sub-accounts which can be created to support multiple tiers within your sales, distribution and support channels.
  • Application Customization
    Each company account can be completely customized using simple configuration tools available within the application. Logo, Branding, Color Schemes, and user controls are completely customizable to provide users with a custom UI experience.

Device Fleet Management
EdgeIQ helps you create a single system of record for your entire fleet of devices across multiple models, SKUs and even business accounts. Define device types, their software BOM, network configurations and automatically update status changes over time.

  • Define Device Profiles
    Each device managed by EdgeIQ has a unique profile associated with it which describes the capabilities for that model. The device profile is assigned to each device to enable EdgeIQ to manage the unit to its full potential.
  • Automate Device Registration
    Once devices are registered with EdgeIQ, configuration can be done automatically. Once the device connects with EdgeIQ, it will automatically download all the applicable configuration and software information based on the device profile.
  • Customizable Device Tags
    Each device managed by EdgeIQ can be assigned a tag which allows for easy filtering and selection for bulk actions such as configuration changes or software updates.
  • Onboard Devices in Bulk or Individually
    Using our easy upload feature, a set of devices can be registered with EdgeIQ using a simple .CSV file format. RESTful API’s can also be used to automate this process if desired.

Deployment & Provisioning
Eliminate some of the most complicated challenges in Device Management by automating configuration and other provisioning workflows with EdgeIQ.

  • Execute Service Integrations
    EdgeIQ has an extensive set of Integrations which allow for seamless connection to various third-party services such as Amazon AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT. EdgeIQ handles all the initialization, security setup, and initial configuration to allow communication to the services. Custom services can also be configured using standard webhooks for communication.
  • Zero-Touch Deployment
    Each device registered within EdgeIQ has a unique identifier. Once any registered device connects to our service, we use that unique identifier to download all applicable configuration and control information to the device automatically.
  • Initiate Wellness Monitoring
    EdgeIQ enabled devices have the capability to send periodic wellness messages which can be used for monitoring device operation. Heartbeat messages are completely configurable for content and frequency. Alarms and alerts can be defined based on these messages.
  • Escrow Device and Device Transfer
    As devices are registered with EdgeIQ, many times they need to be held in an “Inventory” state instead of assigned to a specific customer account enabling OEMs to load inventory and do assignments once the units are transferred to a customer.

Monitoring & Notifications
You can define specific parameters of device health, connectivity status and device data that will automatically report to EdgeIQ and other services. You can also easily create notifications and other actions based on specific events detected with the device or network.

  • Heartbeat and Wellness Reports
    Each EdgeIQ enabled device is configurable with a programmable Heartbeat and Wellness report. This report can be automatically sent on a predefined interval to EdgeIQ or any other service.
  • Customer Defined Device Health Check
    A special feature or EdgeIQ allows for the definition of device “Health”. Components of the Heartbeat report can be used to define 3 categories of device health: Normal, Attention, Critical. Any field reported within the heartbeat can be used to create this definition.
  • Alerting and Notifications
    Policies within EdgeIQ are easily defined to create alerts and notifications. Using the Policy Service, conditional, logical expressions can be defined to examine any available data element on the device or system. Using simple IFTT logic, alerts and notifications can be sent to system administrators including SMS and email.
  • Support Ticket Creation and Integration
    Using Integrations defined within EdgeIQ, support tickets can be automatically generated based on device condition. In addition, support requests can be sent to external applications using web service calls.
  • Diagnostic Logs
    Diagnostic logs can be an invaluable tool in determining the current state of a deployed device, system, or application. EdgeIQ provides commands to upload diagnostic logs for examination.

Software Update Management
One of the most powerful and flexible features of EdgeIQ is the ability to reliably update virtually any software on gateways and connected devices.

  • OS, Firmware and Applications
    Software updates are fully implemented within EdgeIQ utilizing previously installed capabilities of the target device. EdgeIQ has the ability to initiate software updates to devices including the execution of script files and the download of software packages. File caching is also available to limit the required bandwidth when updating multiple devices on the same system.
  • Individual or Bulk
    Using device tags, filters can be defined to indicate which systems should have a software update package. In addition, software updates can be scheduled for future delivery.
  • Audit and Report
    EdgeIQ operates outside the normal software flow of an installed system enabling it to act as a control plane monitor. Using this approach, EdgeIQ can monitor and report completions of various actions such as software update for use in reporting.
  • Retry Management
    If an initial software update is not successful, automatic retry mechanisms can be defined to mitigate the issue.
  • Issue Commands
    EdgeIQ allows for the secure transmission of commands to devices and systems at the edge as defined within the device type. Sample commands might include: reboot, download, upload log file, or network configurations.

Securely remove devices from active management and data reporting into cloud applications and infrastructure.

  • Decommissioned System Status
    When a device within EdgeIQ is no longer required to be monitored or controlled, the device can be decommissioned to eliminate the possibility of resources being consumed by the device.
  • Wipe Software
    Upon decommissioning of a device, EdgeIQ has the ability to completely remove any software package. Packages can be securely removed as necessary for license control.
  • Disconnect from Network
    Using the network configuration tools within EdgeIQ, any connected device can be reprogrammed to eliminate its capability to access its network.
  • Asset Management Service Notification
    As devices are decommissioned, EdgeIQ can be configured to send information to asset management systems to indicate the device is no longer available/operational.


EdgeIQ simplifies the important integration of devices and their data to your cloud applications and infrastructure.

  • Bring Your Own Cloud
    Integrations within EdgeIQ allow for direct communications to third-party clouds such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Using configurable policies within EdgeIQ, specific messages and information can be sent to the services based on the context of the reported state. Additional configurations allow for control of frequency of reporting to reduce required network bandwidth or messages.
  • Certificate Management
    In many of the third-party cloud services, security certificates are required for reporting information from an edge device to their service. Creating and managing these certificates can be difficult and time consuming. EdgeIQ simplifies this task by automating the process of device creation and certificate management within various cloud services.
  • Cross Account Synchronization
    All accounts used for Integrations within EdgeIQ are configured using the customers credentials. Easy tools and APIs enable the entry of these security credentials.
  • No Intermediary Cloud
    When EdgeIQ communicates using an Orchestration to a cloud service, the communication path is direct from the edge to that service. Unlike other services, no relay is required from our cloud services to achieve this requirement.

Data Management
You can easily consume, normalize, act upon and federate data from edge devices and infrastructure with EdgeIQ’s Data Management services.

  • Data Ingestion
    Using the configurable data translators and ingestors within EdgeIQ, you can collect valuable data from your edge devices and systems. EdgeIQ supports a wide variety of standard protocols and formats such as: csv, tcp, Modbus, BACnet, OPC-UA. A simple-to-use scripting language can also be used to implement custom interfaces and protocols.
  • Data Analysis
    EdgeIQ policies allow for configuration of actions based on data collected from edge devices. The data can be evaluated using logical IFTT expressions in context to execute a wide variety of actions ranging from interaction with cloud services to simple alerting. Actions can also be nested and any number of actions can be executed simultaneously.
  • Data Filtering and Throttling
    Using EdgeIQ policies, actions can be throttled to minimize bandwidth requirements and packet transmission. Throttling can be accomplished by number of reports per period or number of repetitive reports.
  • Data Federation
    Policies within EdgeIQ can also be used to manage your data and its storage. A simple relay policy will direct your report data to the data lake of your choice using web services or MQTT publishing.

Simple to execute, yet powerful policy-based workflows automate EdgeIQ capabilities for device, data and integration management across your entire fleet, customer accounts and user base.

  • Event Driven Actions
    As data is received by EdgeIQ, realtime actions can be executed based on specific policies for that device based on the current device state. Many of those actions can be used to execute actions which might modify the current operation of the devices/systems.
  • Automated Device Restart
    One of the many commands within EdgeIQ is to restart or reboot devices at the edge. Policies created to monitor device reports can be used to execute commands interpreted by EdgeIQ to restart or possibly reboot the device.
  • Automated Application Restart
    In a way similar to device reports, EdgeIQ can monitor application state and execute policies related to the state of the application. Based on the policy definition, the application can be restarted or even reloaded as necessary without intervention.

Technology, Infrastructure, Security

API First
EdgeIQ since its inception has always been focused as an API-first solution. Every service used within our applications uses well-defined RESTful API’s that are fully documented within our developer zone.

  • Simple JSON Format
    EdgeIQ API’s are called and consumed using standard JSON formats common in most modern solutions.
  • Extensible API
    As EdgeIQ API’s continue to expand, a well defined structure is maintained to ensure continued usage without any significant code rewrite.
  • Bulk and Query
    Many API’s within EdgeIQ are available to act on a set of devices. Using standard query parameters, applications can control responses, query for applicable units, page results, and much more.

Ready to Use Web Application
EdgeIQ comes complete with an optional multi-tenant, multi-user application portal allowing you to offer a complete out-of-the-box solution with minimal software development.

  • White Label Application
    Our EdgeIQ portal application is completely brandable using your names, color schemes, logos, etc. allowing for a completely custom appearance. Within a few minutes the application can be rebranded and ready for customers.
  • Roles and Permissions
    Each user can be assigned a role which defines the specific actions for that user. These roles can be saved for assignment to other users. Every service/API within EdgeIQ can be controlled using these permission parameters.
  • Multi-Company Hierarchy
    The EdgeIQ web application operates as a tiered hierarchy to enable parent-child relationships within our services. As an OEM, you can define multiple companies/accounts at various levels in the hierarchy ensuring that customers data remains secure even in the multi-tenant environment.