edgeIQ Launches New Platform - Emerges from the Clouds as the Edge Computing Company™

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(Hannover, Germany and Denver, CO - April 25, 2017) - edgeIQ today launched its new platform strategy and two products that will do for Edge Computing what Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and others have done for enterprise cloud computing. The Edge™ platform and its companion application, EdgeIQ™, will allow organizations to seamlessly distribute computing power, and its cost, between the edge and the cloud. The company’s new technology delivers intelligence at the edge but also intelligent integration with virtually any cloud service - whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. The new offerings address some of the most critical challenges facing a world that will produce zetabytes of data from edge devices.


Why Edge Computing - Why Now?

Edge computing is not really new - it is the evolution of computing architectures that emphasize the analysis, actuation and integration of data where it is actually produced. Enterprises must incorporate both centralized and decentralized models in their architectures and edgeIQ makes that possible and simple. The question organizations are asking now is, why send data to the cloud for processing, decisions and storage if it can be done locally at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time? edgeIQ wants to reduce the amount of data sent to the cloud by 90% for connected enterprises.



edgeIQ is a software platform that typically runs on gateways, routers, servers or even fully integrated connected products. The platform locally handles the most essential computing challenges, particularly dealing with connected assets, products and infrastructure:

  1. Data Management – Ingestion, translation, storage and management of edge device data
  2. Device Management – Configuration, monitoring and management of edge devices
  3. Integration – Simple API-based integration to local applications and external cloud services
  4. Security – Administration, authentication and security of users, data flows and devices
  5. Orchestration – Managing event-driven workflows between internal and external services.


edgeIQ delivers a browser-based application that can be deployed locally or in the cloud. It allows users to configure, monitor and manage virtually any edge device and data source through a simple and intuitive interface. The application interacts seamlessly with the underlying platform - through standard RESTful APIs. This API-first architecture allows customers and partners to build their own management application if they choose. Key features of edgeIQ allow users to create groups of devices that have specific profiles, data attributes or even locations. Users write and implement business rules that trigger against local data and events without any programming whatsoever.

“The sheer physics and economics of transmitting all of an organization’s device data to centralized clouds and data centers just doesn’t make sense anymore,” said edgeIQ CEO Michael Campbell. “Innovations in both hardware and software at the edge will allow for a more balanced approach to distributed computing, will save organizations billions of dollars and dramatically improve operating efficiency.”


Ecosystem Orchestration

edgeIQ is partnering with leading hardware providers and cloud platforms to create a simple and seamlessly integrated edge-cloud experience. Some of the company’s hardware partners include Intel, Dell and HPE. The company is equally focused on enabling and orchestrating integration with leading cloud services at all levels - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.. For example, edgeIQ supports deep integration with AWS IoT and is an AWS IoT Competency Partner. Integrations like these allow customers to leverage the very best in cloud IoT platforms and all the other powerful services offered by AWS.


Developer Resources

edgeIQ delivers powerful, out of the box functionality for enterprises in any environment. But the company also offers a rich set of developer resources for customers to implement, integrate and customize deployments according to their own requirements. A state of the art Developers Portal is home to dozens of well documented RESTful APIs that span all the functional capabilities of the platform. Resources also include SDKs that support custom programming in Python, Java, C, Groovy and GO.

Enterprise and OEM Business

edgeIQ customers include enterprises, systems integrators and OEMs and offers business models that support all three. Enterprises and systems integrators deploy edgeIQ across multiple locations as a unifying edge computing and cloud integration platform. OEMs, on the other hand, deliver the technology as an extension of their own offerings which simplifies large scale device configuration and management, reduces support costs and accelerates integration to customers’ legacy systems.


About edgeIQ

edgeIQ is the Edge Computing Company. We are going to change the world by providing powerful, yet compact and inexpensive computing solutions at the edge of the enterprise that allow customers to consume, analyze and act upon data where it is generated. Our flagship product is edgeIQ, a software platform that runs on gateways, routers, servers or fully integrated connected products. edgeIQ also provides a seamless bridge to leading cloud services where information can be intelligently aggregated, analyzed and acted upon with tremendous efficiency.

Our technology is used by thousands of businesses around the world and annually saves customers and partners millions of dollars by simplifying the way they incorporate edge devices and data into their operations. And we are just getting started.