Feature Rich, Highly Extensible
Software for Managing Edge Devices

Cradle to grave management software
for connected devices combined with powerful
data and application orchestration.

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Device Lifecycle Management

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Easily define device and user profiles- upload device information individually or in bulk.

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With zero-touch deployment, automatically configure and update devices on initial power-up.

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Monitor device and network wellness using configurable policies that trigger notifications and other actions.

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Schedule updates with retry management for OS, firmware, applications and 3rd party services by device, group, location and more.

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Effortlessly decommission and remove both individual devices as well as groups from service regardless of connectivity status, as needed.

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Edge Applications

Deploy applications and services to the edge at scale and with ease, whether via container or as native applications via powerful computing capabilities.

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Data Orchestration

Simplify data ingestion, normalization, buffering, and federation while looking at data in context, and in real-time; action without intermediary cloud intervention.

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Cloud Integration

Easily manage integration with key cloud services including certificate management, cross-account synchronization and more.

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Workflow Automation

Policy-based workflow automation for a wide range of actions including alerts and notifications, software updates, command execution and more.

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EdgeIQ Features & Capabilities

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