CRM for Machines

Service Orchestration

Connected products and devices sit in the middle of a complex and dynamic value chain. The producers and users all care about device wellness, the data they produce, where the data goes, under what conditions and who manages it all.
That’s why OEMs and Enterprises both need the Service Orchestration services of MachineShop® EdgeIQ® Platform and Operational Device Management solution.

Workflow Automation

Policy-Based Management means that you can create and manage multiple parallel workflows, or implement secure integrations to upstream services that will execute whenever, wherever you choose.

Integration Management

Policies can be created in the cloud and pushed to your entire fleet of devices wherever they are in the world. Once created, there is no further dependence on the MachineShop cloud service. Looking at data and events in context, policies are executed 100% independently at the edge.

Service Management

Policies can also be created and executed at the edge as well, completely autonomously with no cloud service or application intervention required.

How Can MachineShop Help You Orchestrate Your Services?